(psychedelic rock, prog rock)
Dragon by Dragon (1976)
1. Introduction (Insects) (4:23)
2. Lucifer (9:32)
3. Leave Me With Tears (4:57)
4. Gone In The Wind (3:12)
5. In The Blue (8:30)
6. Crystal Ball (7:32)
The debut studio album of the Belgian rock band. It was released in 1976 by Acorn record label. The band from Belgian was formed in 1970 by brothers Georges and Jean Vanaise under the name "Burning Light".
El Jardín De Los Presentes
(prog rock, art rock)
El Jardín De Los Presentes by Invisible (1976)
1. El Anillo Del Capitan Beto (5:08)
2. Los Libros De La Buena Memoria (5:05)
3. Alarma Entre Los Angeles (6:32)
4. Que Ves El Cielo (2:04)
5. Rudio De Magia (4:35)
6. 200 Anos (4:08)
7. Perdonado (Nino Condenado) (7:08)
8. Las Golondrinas De Plaza De Mayo (3:26)
The third and final studio album of the Argentinian rock band. It was released in 1976 by Discos CBS record label. The band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, formed in 1973 by guitarist/vocalist Luis Alberto Spinetta after the breakup of Pescado Rabioso.
(prog rock, heavy psych rock, hard rock)
Feeling by Lightshine (1976)
1. Sword In The Sky (4:50)
2. Lory (5:31)
3. Nightmare (10:33)
4. King And Queen (13:44)
5. Feeling (7:37)
The only studio album of the German rock band. It was released in 1976 by Trefiton record label. The band from Emmerich am Rhein, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, formed in 1974 by four students: Wolfgang Boers (bass, vocals), Egon Abbing (drums), Joe Staacke (lead guitar, vocals) and Ulli Ströbel (rhythm guitar, flute, vocals); "King And Queen" is one of the most outstanding track in progressive rock genre ever.
Steve Miller Band
Fly Like An Eagle
(classic rock)
Fly Like An Eagle by Steve Miller Band (1976)
1. Space Intro (1:15)
2. Fly Like An Eagle (4:42)
3. Wild Mountain Honey (4:50)
4. Serenade (3:10)
5. Dance, Dance, Dance (2:16)
6. Mercury Blues (3:43)
7. Take The Money And Run (2:48)
8. Rock 'N Me (3:05)
9. You Send Me (2:40)
10. Blue Odyssey (1:00)
11. Sweet Maree (4:16)
12. The Window (4:19)
The ninth studio album of the American rock band. It was released in May 1976 by Capitol Records label. It is the most successful and best-selling album of band, certified 4x Platinum in US and 2x Platinum in Canada.