Deep Purple
(hard rock, heavy metal)
Burn by Deep Purple (1974)
1. Burn (6:00)
2. Might Just Take Your Life (4:36)
3. Lay Down, Stay Down (4:15)
4. Sail Away (5:48)
5. You Fool No One (4:47)
6. What's Goin' On Here (4:55)
7. Mistreated (7:25)
8. "A" 200 (3:51)
The eighth studio album of the British hard rock band. It was released on February 15, 1974 by Purple Records label. It is the first album of band to feature vocalist David Coverdale and bass guitarist Glenn Hughes.
Captain Marryat
Captain Marryat
(prog rock, psychedelic rock)
Captain Marryat by Captain Marryat (1974)
1. Blindness (5:10)
2. It Happened To Me (8:11)
3. A Friend (4:32)
4. Songwriter's Lament (6:20)
5. Changes (2:45)
6. Dance Of Thor (6:53)
The only studio album of the British rock band. It was released in 1974 by Thor Records label. The band from Glasgow, Scotland, UK, was formed in 1971, named after the 19th Century mariner and novelist, and consisted of: Ian McEleny (lead Guitar), Hugh Finnegan (bass/vocals), Jimmy Rorrison (drums/vocals), Tommy Hendry (accoustic guitar/vocals), and Allan Bryce (organ/vocals).
Baba Yaga
(krautrock, experimental)
Collage by Baba Yaga (1974)
1. Moksha (18:32)
2. Wadi (20:18)
The debut studio album of the German rock band. It was released in 1974 by Cycle and Phonola record labels. It is the project of former My Solid Ground member Ingo Werner; according to Slavic mythology, 'Baba Yaga" is the wild, old women, the dark lady and the mistress of magic, as too is she seen as a forest spirit, leading hosts of spirits.
Roxy Music
Country Life
(art rock, glam rock)
Country Life by Roxy Music (1974)
1. The Thrill Of It All (6:23)
2. Three And Nine (4:01)
3. All I Want Is You (2:50)
4. Out Of The Blue (4:40)
5. If It Takes All Night (3:09)
6. Bitter-Sweet (4:57)
7. Triptych (3:09)
8. Casanova (3:23)
9. A Really Good Time (3:44)
10. Prairie Rose (5:13)
The fourth studio album of the British band. It was released on November 15, 1974 by Island Records label. The album's cover features two models, Constanze Karoli (cousin of Michael Karoli from Can) and Eveline Grunwald (who was also Michael Karoli's girlfriend); Bryan Ferry took the album's title from the British rural lifestyle magazine Country Life.